Can I place hot pans on granite?
Yes, up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can I cut on granite?
Absolutely, but over time you will dull your knives.

What kind of sink should I use?
You can use just about any kind of sink. Most customers tend to use under mount sinks, at least in the kitchen. If you choose to use cast iron your cabinet installer or carpenter will have to provide extra support under the sink.

What do I use for backsplash?
We can fabricate and install 4” to 6” high by ¾” thick backsplash or even custom full height backsplash. You can also make arrangements to have tile or other backsplash material installed.

How do you get the shine on granite? Should I be concerned about pits and fissures?
Slabs are laid on huge mill beds and are naturally polished by wheels with finer and finer diamonds and abrasives. The final glossy finish is a process, not a product, which is achieved by buffing with a very fine powder-like aluminum oxide under very high pressure. Some granite during the polishing process will have fissures and pits exposed. Tiny fissures and pits are very common in granite and are due to the way igneous stone is formed. Granite is a composition of colored feldspar, white quartz and black ferromagnesian minerals. “Pitting” in the granite is simply where perhaps a small crystalline quartz void occurs; it is not a sign that the granite is deteriorating and seldom gets worse.

How often does the surface need to be sealed?
Our company seals the granite after the installation process has been completed. This allows us one final inspection and will leave the countertop clean and safe to use. We have sampled numerous sealers over the years and use what we believe is the best available. Some granite may need a more aggressive impregnator, which is often overlooked by fabricators without experience. We recommend that countertops be resealed approximately every 4 or 5 years. You can however do it more often if you like.
Sealing is not a difficult task and can be done in 2 or 3 hours. If you like an extremely smooth feel to your granite, apply a stone polish to your countertop from time to time. Polish will also help restrict the absorption of various spills. Note: This is a liquid polish (a product, not a process) that is applied to the original, naturally derived polish.

Do I need to be concerned about bacteria on granite?
Yes, as you should be about any surface. Regardless what your countertop is made of, bacteria will be present. We suggest that your granite countertops be cleaned with anti-bacterial cleaner from time to time to kill any lingering bacteria. However, we would like to point out that studies show only stainless steel surfaces are less conducive to germs and bacteria; granite is more sanitary than Corian, butcher blocks and plastic laminates. We would suggest that you use common sense concerning what is safe and what is not.

How long does it take to get granite installed?
We do what we can to accommodate your needs if timing is an issue. The following are several factors that affect lead-time:

  1. The cabinets need to be installed prior to templating.
  2. We will need to have your sink delivered to our fabrication plant prior to, or shortly after templating, or we can pick it up.
  3. We also ask that the slide-in range or cook top be at the job site prior to templating.
  4. ½ down must be received prior to ordering slabs.
  5. After we return from templating we begin fabrication.
  6. We then fabricate and install in approximately 3 to 5 weeks. This installation time is determined by the size of the job and the number of kitchens we are working on at the time.

How do I care for my granite?

Most day-to-day care is as simple as cleaning with soap and water and drying with a cloth or paper towel to prevent water spots. We offer special formulated cleaners that dry streak and spot free, but you are not required to buy or use them.  We also suggest that you reseal the granite every 4 or 5 years. We now carry cleaners that clean and add a little sealer with each cleaning procedure. We also carry wipes that do the same thing. This will add another layer of protection from spills and stains. With every countertop we install, a care brochure is provided which will tell you what not to use in order to avoid damaging your granite countertops.

Can granite be repaired?
If you chip your countertops we are able to mix epoxies and color them to fill the damaged spot. The epoxies are then polished to look similar to the original sheen. If your countertops are ever damaged beyond repair your homeowner’s insurance policy should cover replacing the granite. We suggest that you ask your agent to verify this before you have a problem.

What is your Customer Service Policy?
It is a priority that every customer we serve is satisfied to the point of willingly and eagerly recommending us to their friends and neighbors. We take extreme pride in our excellent reputation and we want our customers to be pleased, no matter the cost or inconvenience to us. If you don’t know someone that we have served, or your builder doesn’t vouch for our reputation, we would be glad to give as many references as you may need to verify our claim.

What should I look for when choosing a granite fabricator?
Please know that not all fabricators are alike. The old adage “you get what you pay for” definitely applies when purchasing granite countertops. There are many things that can be done to cut corners and install an inferior product. Most customers would not recognize that they have been short changed, so do your homework and take the time to educate yourself.

Can my cabinets handle the weight of granite?
Most solid wood cabinets can easily support granite. Granite, when spread out over the surface, distributes its weight so that it doesn’t require any special support. If your kitchen floors can support a refrigerator, they can handle granite counters.

What other types of natural stone does MR Granite carry?
In addition to granite we also carry marble, limestone, travertine, onyx, and soapstone.

How does granite compare to the “man-made quartz” countertop material?
Granite is not for everyone. “Engineered Quartz Stone” is now readily available and its strong suit is its ability to be consistent. For those customers who want a guarantee of consistent color and pattern, this product is made for them. “Ceasarstone,” which is one of the leaders in “Engineered Quartz Stone,” is now available at MR. Granite.

Does MR Granite install tile?
We can recommend reputable, licensed installers of stone tile and work with them.

Does MR. Granite bring in new slabs for all jobs?
No, we only bring in new material for jobs that will use at least ½ of a slab. This generally comes to about 25 square feet of material. We have a huge inventory of remnants that will usually meet the needs of our customer’s smaller jobs.

What are granite remnants and are they less costly?
We carry close to 1,000 remnants in stock at any given time and we offer these for substantial savings. These are not seconds; they are just the leftover portions from other jobs and are usually large enough for vanities or islands.